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Lucienne Day’s designs brightened up homes across Britain in the 1950s and 60s. Perhaps you have your granny’s Lucienne Day Heal’s curtains stowed away in the attic? Or did you make a skirt out of the Lucienne Day dress fabrics reissued by John Lewis in 2014? However you came to own a Lucienne Day design, or wherever you spotted one, we would love to know.

Simply take a picture, share it on Twitter or Instagram using #LucienneDay100 and we’ll feature the best ones below.

Silk Mosaics

Lucienne Day created several hundred one-off hand-stitched 'silk mosaics’ in the 1980s and 90s. Many were sold to Lucienne Day enthusiasts at exhibitions all over the world. Now we’re on a quest to find and catalogue these unique works of art. Do you own a Lucienne Day silk mosaic?

'I do regard the silk mosaics rather like my children, and though many are now abroad in the homes of their owners (in about 8 countries I think) or in Museums, I love to hear how they are getting on'. Lucienne Day, 1994.

Please let us know by taking a photo and tagging it with #LucienneDay100